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Home TCG Cardfight!! Vanguard Michiru Hazama -Demonic Jewel Dragon of the Four Flames- Trial Deck


Cardfight!! Vanguard Michiru Hazama -Demonic Jewel Dragon of the Four Flames- Trial Deck

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Michiru Hazama -Demonic Jewel Dragon of the Four Flames- Trial Deck

  • Featured Nations: TD01 Stoicheia, TD02 Dark States, TD03 Keter Sanctuary

“Easy to learn!” “Easy to play!”

  • Each pre-constructed deck consists of 50 cards, including Tutorial cards with rule explanations instead of card abilities! These decks are perfect for learning and teaching! These Trial Decks also contain a new First Guide and Play Sheet as well, making it the perfect product for starting Vanguard!
  • Power up your deck with the included Expansion Pack!
  • Included within the 12-card Expansion Pack are Tutorial cards with added abilities, including those used in the Ride Line!
  • Each Expansion Pack also comes with 1 Parallel Foil card!
  • Convenient Packaging that can also be used as a Deck Holder!
  • The deck holder is capable of holding up to 50 sleeved cards!

Players who are not familiar with card supplies no longer need to worry!

Product Specifications:

  • 1 Display contains 6 Trial Decks
  • 1 Trial Deck contains 1 Pre-constructed Deck (50 cards) + 1 Expansion Pack (12 cards)
  • First Guide
  • Fighter's Coin
  • Play Sheet

Pre-constructed Deck (50 cards)
 - 15 types of cards
Expansion Pack (12 cards)
- 7 types of cards

Bonus PR Card included with each Trial Deck! *Limited to the 1st Print of Trial Decks.

Introducing "Elementaria Sanctitude", a powerful Blitz Order Sentinel that players can include 1 copy of in any deck! Unlike the previous Perfect Guard Sentinels, "Elementaria Sanctitude" is a Perfect Guard Sentinel that is also a Blitz Order! Not only that, it also allows players to use its ability without paying the cost when their opponent's vanguard has "Triple Drive", allowing players to guard a powerful attack with just one card!


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