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Начало Манга Light Novel Light Novel : ZOKU OWARIMONOGATARI


Цена: 28.00лв.
  • Издателство: Vertical
  • Тип корица: мека
  • Страници: 274
  • Автор: Nisioisin
  • Размер: 13,9 x 19 cm
  • Дата на издаване: 26/11/2020
  • Жанр: Comedy, Mystery, Vampire, Supernatural
  • Език: Английски
0.400 кг
Брой: - +


Just when we thought the darkness menacing the town had been identified, named, and tamed, clear and unclear mysteries of seasons past looming or surfacing, then resolving, not without tears, not without bittersweetness, of course, but satisfyingly, in a tripartite finale, all loose ends tied up into, or at least with, a bow...
The End Tale continues--if only for one last time, in a bonus stage for the ages, as our softie of a protagonist who wished for all parties involved, including himself, maturely enough, to end up happy, sees his reflected image freeze in a mirror and regretfully, regrettably, reaches for it to find himself through the looking glass.
In an alternate reality where bits of the world have been flipped around, the hero comes face to face with the hidden side(s) of familiar faces, along with author NISIOISIN, whose bravura attempt to reimagine character possibilities concludes, with signature flair, the MONOGATARI series proper--thank you for reading.


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