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Board Game - Loser

Price: 15.90лв.

Board Game - Loser

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Board Game - Loser

Think twice before you mess with magic, or you might spend the rest of your life as a frog! In the mean and clever card game Loser, there are no winners: You are either safe or the loser. In turn, each player plays a card either face up or face down. Try to keep track of whether you've got the card with the highest value and vote accordingly (thumbs up or thumbs down) at the end of each round. Your opponents will try their best to throw you off and ruin your plans, so watch out and don't lose your cool because if you lose twice, no potion will save you!


  • 19 Cards (Each from 1 to 19)
  • 2 Double Sided Cards "Action" (Each with 4 actions)
  • 23 Special Cards (with some crazy effects!) 
  • 6 Personal Cards (Set of 2)


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